Rebartek joins Innoventus Sør incubator program

We’re delighted to share that Rebartek has been accepted into the Innoventus Sør incubator program.

Local start-up incubator

Innoventus Sør er is one of SIVAs national incubators in Norway. The incubation program’s goal is to develop future businesses through identifying, developing and commercializing good ideas and create new growth for established businesses.

Through their incubator program, Innoventus Sør will provide Rebartek with business development and legal consulting, amongst other things.

Rebartek CEO, Max Trommer signing the agreement with Business developer
Kristine Ribe-Christensen at Innoventus Sør.

We’re very happy to be working with local start-up supporters and we’re excited about the opportunities this will bring us!

Meet the new CTO at Rebartek

Data Engineer Egehan Dülger talks to us about his plans as the new CTO at Rebartek.

The hunt for a new CTO (Chief Technical Officer) at Rebartek is over, and we are delighted to announce that Egehan Dülger will be filling the position.

Rebartek rebar automated installation
Egehan CTO of Rebartek

The right skills and personality for Rebartek

Rebartek CEO Maximilian Trommer is confident that Egehan is a great fit for our team. Egehan is passionate about planning and communicating the team’s goals clearly.

Skyrocketing Rebartek

Egehan has big ambitions and clear goals, -the sort of stuff we live and breathe at Rebartek. His short-term goals for the Rebartek developer-team include identifying, understanding & resolving bottlenecks. He also emphasizes the importance of efficient meetings, communication, and development. When it comes to his long-term goal, he is clearly on board with the company vison:

My ultimate goal, as is everyones, is to skyrocket Rebartek

When asked what made him apply for the CTO position in a young Start-up, he comments on the workplace culture:

 I like the culture at Rebartek. It’s innovative, ambitious and friendly. Everyone understands freedom & responsibility.

Rebartek automated robotic rebar armeringsjern installasjon jernbinding

Structuring fast growth for the Rebartek team

Egehan as a wide background of skills, and has a clear plan for how he wants to lead his team. He says that the team already is filled with ambitions and talented people who are eager to learn new things.

When asked what he will bring to the Rebartek team, Egehan mentions three main skills: Communication, Planning and IT Background. He explains that even in small companies, there may be overlooked communication gaps.

I have worked in variety of departments and have an understanding of relation in between them. Identifying these gaps early on fuels fast, structured growth.


Egehan has worked as a Full Stack Developer and Data Engineer. He has a good understanding of how to build a Minimum Viable Product and as well as scaling it.

Rebartek automated rebar installation

The importance of a good plan

When it comes to planning, Egehan tells us that when you are doing something new, just as many Start-ups do, there are many ideas to try out. Hence, a good plan is a must to get results fast. 

The Rebartek team is excited and happy to have Egehan joining us soon. We welcome him and look forward to growing our company with him.

Rebartek one of two promising local start-ups at Nordic Angel Program.

Business Angels Norway aims to grow the angel investment scene in Norway. At a local event in Kristiansand, Rebartek was featured as one of two promising local start-ups.

Rebartek AS angel investors
Max presenting Rebartek at the event. Watch the video here. Skip to 16:30.

Last week, our CEO Max, got the opportunity to present our start-up at a seminar held by Nordic Angel program, NAP (a program by Business Angels Norway).

Part of EU’s 80 Billion Euro initiative “Horizon 2020”, The Nordic Angel Program (NAP) is a training program about cross-border startup investment.

At the seminar, participants got insight into the processes that NAP applies to choose the best start-ups. They also presented their educational course for new angel investors. Rebartek was asked to join the seminar as a featured promising start-up.

You can watch a video of the event here. Max takes the stage at the 16:30-mark.

Rebartek would like to send a big thank you to Business Angels Norway, and the event host Coworx for this opportunity.